Laundry Room Lifesaver

Nelli won husband of the year after this project!
I almost bought the $400 worth of washer and dryer stands when we purchased our new W&D just before we moved into the our new house. But I held off just to see if I really would need them. Well I did {apparently 5’8″ is too tall for front loading W&D’s}. About that time I happened to run across this pin on Pinterest. Sent it to Nelli… And he magically made this appear…


Oh and I have to show you this fun little ditty… Just a quick little Etsy purchase that makes the door to the garage a little more interesting.



Black and White Birthday

Enough of this house stuff… Let’s talk cake!
This is a cinnamon roll two tier cake for my fabulous friend Stacy. Cinnamon butter cake filled with cinnamon cream cheese buttercream. I tried something new with ruffles and I love how it turned out. Though next time I will use a larger bottom layer cake to make more distinction between the sizes.




Guest bath quick fix

This is just a quick one wall paint job to give the bathroom downstairs a little facelift from its boring builder paint. I love bold colors, but they can be risky. However, in a guest bath… go for it! If you really think about the look of your favorite hotel (probably the lobby), it may be completely different than your house. That’s because hotels are temporary in your life. Hotel Indigo is my favorite hotel brand when it comes to interior design. Each one is bold and different.  But… would you really want to walk into that cold steel and neon yellow look of your favorite hotel EVERY day at home? Probably not. So l like to treat a guest room or bath area like a hotel. Go bold and get creative. The new color is Behr- Mozart… And they screwed up and gave me a full gallon instead of a quart… So I have plenty left if anyone needs a little Mozart in their life!


The mirror is another Craigslist find for $50… with a million coats of white and pearl spray paint. Canvases… Ikea circa 2005.


My FabulOffice

I knew in our new house I wanted MY room. Nelli has his man cave and big garage workshop, but I wanted Pink and Pretty… Which translates to a pink chandelier of course!
I had searched Craigslist for. Few weeks and finally came across exactly what I wanted… And for just $50!!

IMG_4460.JPGBut it was dusty and gross. So…

IMG_4506.JPGAfter a few coats of a pretty pink spray paint and painstakingly cleaning and rehanging each individual crystal… Voila!

IMG_4518.JPGThe wall behind my desk (also a $50 Craigslist repaint) is a flat aqua paint. Then I took polyurethane and the Cutting Edge Stancils “Entwined” stencil and added a beautiful feature pattern. That process was not short… nor fun, be warned. But dang it turned out well! The mirrored monogram was done by a friend of mine in Georgetown that owns a sign shop.

IMG_4638.JPGLove my office. I have since added my piano to one wall and hanging cabinets above a short bookshelf for more storage. Oh and of course some long pink curtains!


In the beginning

If you’re familiar with Gossip Girl you get my blog name. If not, and your between the ages of 15-40, start your Gossip Girl Netflix marathon ASAP.  You can thank me later.

This blog will be a whole lotta design, large helping of cakes, with a sprinkle of Life with Owen.