My FabulOffice

I knew in our new house I wanted MY room. Nelli has his man cave and big garage workshop, but I wanted Pink and Pretty… Which translates to a pink chandelier of course!
I had searched Craigslist for. Few weeks and finally came across exactly what I wanted… And for just $50!!

IMG_4460.JPGBut it was dusty and gross. So…

IMG_4506.JPGAfter a few coats of a pretty pink spray paint and painstakingly cleaning and rehanging each individual crystal… Voila!

IMG_4518.JPGThe wall behind my desk (also a $50 Craigslist repaint) is a flat aqua paint. Then I took polyurethane and the Cutting Edge Stancils “Entwined” stencil and added a beautiful feature pattern. That process was not short… nor fun, be warned. But dang it turned out well! The mirrored monogram was done by a friend of mine in Georgetown that owns a sign shop.

IMG_4638.JPGLove my office. I have since added my piano to one wall and hanging cabinets above a short bookshelf for more storage. Oh and of course some long pink curtains!



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