Kitchen Light Switch

I had big plans to DIY our kitchen light fixture like this:


From here
But I had a hard time finding all the items and was dreading putting it all together. Then I ran across a posting on the good old Dripping Springs Garage Sale Facebook page for a light fixture that was similar to our dining room fixture for $50! It was slightly damaged but the way our kitchen sits, you’d never see it! Long story a little shorter- turns out it was our neighbor four houses away that I hadn’t met yet… In the same model house as ours! With a little magic from Nelli I had a new $200 light fixture for $50 in just a few minutes!!!




Fun Box

When I get a chance I love to read through the latest posts on It’s rare I don’t find some deal that I could use. This was one of my most recent favorites- a $5 Target box of samples. If you’re familiar with Birchbox this is similar… Except it’s not a monthly subscription and the samples are way bigger and more useful {at least to me}.

The sample box I received looks like it is unavailable but there’s a college student study break one AND the Walmart $5 Beauty Box says it will be back Nov. 25 {I’ve also received this one and it did not disappoint! It even included a full size clinical deodorant!} and then there’s the Beauty Box Target for $7! Great items for stocking stuffers… If you don’t use them for yourself first! 😉

Jamberry Obsession

Another obsession of mine is the very popular Jamberry phenomenon. They are nails stickers and boy do I love them ALL! I have way too many… or maybe not {gift card is on my Christmas list this year- cough cough}. You can get the hang of it to apply them pretty easily and they last around 2 weeks on your fingers and 6 on your toes! I mean how cute are these {and this is only a small sample of their designs}. Mix then up with a few painted nails if you don’t want to go crazy with all 10 digits! Each sheet is $15, but you get two sets worth of nails and buy 3 get one free! My friend April is a consultant, so hit her up if you want to try some!

jamberry spring nails.jpgjamberry-giveaway-3If you see me in the very near holiday season, you may see me rockin’ these!


Two Super Easy DIY Wreaths

This is my most recent one {currently hanging} and my first attempt at a burlap wreath. I’ve seen a million tutorials on these on Pinterest, so I thought I’d give it a whirl. Now I consider myself to be semi-intelligent, but my masters degree was no match for a freaking DIY burlap wreath. After reading probably ten different tutorials I finally came across a video… And low and behold I just needed to literally watch it be done. Then it was easy. I found that cute “N” with a burlap tie at a cute little boutique in Jacksonville, Florida {I knew when I saw it I needed to use it on a burlap wteath}.

This wreath reveals my ridiculous obsession with mint and gold. This one is so simple. Just grab a plain twiggy wreath from Hobby Lobby or Michaels {don’t forget your coupon!}, a can of spray paint, and some decorative berries. Use whatever color combos you want!


My Deepest Darkest Secret

I really hate to reveal this, because I get so many compliments on these. But I have to come clean… Yes… I painted my curtains!!!!
Another Pinterest success. Here’s how I did it.
1- 3 sets of $20 IKEA curtains w grommets (I only needed 5 panels though)
2- Hang the curtains taut with nails in the garage
3- Measure and tape stripes
4- Use black flat paint and a roller. In the pin I found they said use a brush. Oh hell no… That was taking forever. Switched to a roller and whipped right through it.
5- Wait. Wait. Wait for it to dry.
Mine aren’t perfect. Some spots you can clearly see they are painted. But the overall effect far outweighs a few imperfections.




Laundry Room Lifesaver

Nelli won husband of the year after this project!
I almost bought the $400 worth of washer and dryer stands when we purchased our new W&D just before we moved into the our new house. But I held off just to see if I really would need them. Well I did {apparently 5’8″ is too tall for front loading W&D’s}. About that time I happened to run across this pin on Pinterest. Sent it to Nelli… And he magically made this appear…


Oh and I have to show you this fun little ditty… Just a quick little Etsy purchase that makes the door to the garage a little more interesting.


Black and White Birthday

Enough of this house stuff… Let’s talk cake!
This is a cinnamon roll two tier cake for my fabulous friend Stacy. Cinnamon butter cake filled with cinnamon cream cheese buttercream. I tried something new with ruffles and I love how it turned out. Though next time I will use a larger bottom layer cake to make more distinction between the sizes.




Guest bath quick fix

This is just a quick one wall paint job to give the bathroom downstairs a little facelift from its boring builder paint. I love bold colors, but they can be risky. However, in a guest bath… go for it! If you really think about the look of your favorite hotel (probably the lobby), it may be completely different than your house. That’s because hotels are temporary in your life. Hotel Indigo is my favorite hotel brand when it comes to interior design. Each one is bold and different.  But… would you really want to walk into that cold steel and neon yellow look of your favorite hotel EVERY day at home? Probably not. So l like to treat a guest room or bath area like a hotel. Go bold and get creative. The new color is Behr- Mozart… And they screwed up and gave me a full gallon instead of a quart… So I have plenty left if anyone needs a little Mozart in their life!


The mirror is another Craigslist find for $50… with a million coats of white and pearl spray paint. Canvases… Ikea circa 2005.